NLP for Social Good

An initiative aiming to empower natural language processing (NLP) researchers to expand the societal impact of their work.

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What is NLP for social good?

We are a group of researchers who use NLP research to tackle social problems, and help the world to be a better place.

What do we provide?

A rich set of resources of useful NLP research and corresponding socially good applications and a network of researchers interested in NLP4SG.

What do people think about NLP4SG?

  1. Contribute your opinions to our ongoing survey "What is NLP for Social Good?"
  2. Survey result overview: "How Current NLP Researchers Think about NLP4SG" compiled based on our NLP4SG survey.

How can I participate in NLP4SG initiative?

  1. Participate in various discussions: ACL 2021 Workshop - NLP for Positive Impact 2021
  2. Join the Birds-of-A-Feather session of NLP4SG at *ACL conferences.
  3. Support our initiative by signing up as a supporter to be listed on our website.